Speech and Language Therapy Services Provided

The basis of all Speech and Language Therapy is a full assessment of your child’s needs. This will usually be done in your home.  Occasionally it is beneficial to do an observation of a child in their class or nursery but this is only undertaken with permission of the school. I will then do the analysis and provide you with a report on my findings.  Therapy may, or may not be appropriate at that point.  Sometimes it is sufficient for me to advise or suggest some activities, which can be carried out at home and school.

This is undertaken in the home at times to suit you and your child. A typical session would normally run for 45 minutes. The parent or carer can be given support via programs and demonstrations or I will work through video interaction with parents who are then empowered to continue the therapy themselves.

Liaison with Schools
I work with schools either on a one off or more ongoing basis to support their needs. Once a child is assessed I can liaise with teachers or staff via telephone or on a face to face basis. Upon request I will attend annual reviews to expand on targets / plans for communication goals over the forthcoming year.
I currently work in three schools in West Yorkshire and have provided training to meet their needs on a whole school basis as well as doing lots of one to one coaching for individuals who work with children with specific needs.

As this is a personal service it is tailored to meet individual families or organisational needs.  It is therefore best that we discuss your situation and I will provide an outline of the fees involved.


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